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by mail, setting up what could be drama. >> a surge of ballot arrived at offices all over california. the number of california voters casting in ballots this year is suspected to surpass the last election in 2008. that sounds great with more people participating because of the ballots, the down side is that it could take longer to count. we might not know results for days and maybe weeks. >> what is in best interest for to us get results right. not fast. but right. >> about nine million ballots have been sent out. counties take time to interpret voter intent. one of the prime activities of verying it matches the signature on the card. and a couple days until election day, teal yeahing the tally. >> and so they don't get processed. you know? until that night. perhaps the following day or day after. >> in those tight races like the proposition 30 governor brown's measure to boost funding to public education, this election can be a nail biter. >> and we're going get funds for schools. >> and the state of california says it depends on our feature. >> in june we did not know results of th
half of the california eligible voters mail in ballots these days. officials say about a third of the votes already cast a ballot. those who held onto it can still drop off the ballot at the polling place just don't mail it it this point. it's too late for that. so it is too late. if you want to get it in by mail fcht you have trouble voting you can report problems to abc 7 news election night hot line. that number is poflted on our web site. >> california political practices politician accusing a arizona group of campaign money laundering. the state supreme court issued a rare weekend ruling ordering the nonprofit to disclose who is behind an $11 million contribution to support prop 32. the groups are not required to release their individual donor list. the states could find the pack or persue criminal charges. >> some of california heavy weights in san francisco trying to drum up support at the last minute for prop 30. this is a live look at the rally at the embarcadero. governor jerry brown is there today former labor secretary headlined a yes on prop 30 rally at uc ber
purchase comprehensive coverage. a representative says not all california drivers carry comprehensive. >> if you own that car outright you may not have comprehensive. >> why? it's not mandatory in the state of california. banks, however, make sure you carry it. they make you. so if that happens to you, check your policy. you must have comprehensive to be covered. >> thank you. >> michael is going to be back coming up at 6:00 going to show you the best way to make a claim and a closer look at the bay area aging infrom a structure and it may be a disaster waiting to happen. >> let's move on now. four people from san francisco are in jail tonight. suspected of possessing or distributing child pornography. officers targeted six homes in a suite today. authorities say they will continue to investigate what is goinging on in two homes which did not lead to arrests. those in custody goring to face charges. >> walnut creek police released surveillance videos hoping for help catching the men who kidnapped a woman, forcing her to withdraw money from atms on wednesday. allen? >> detectives hopin
. >> this is the first full day of operation impact. california patrol helping laura anthony roll add long and is live on telegraph avenue. >> chp is here in oakland to make a traffic and as we learned today a minor stop could help prevent crime. >> there is no license plate if the front. this is an infraction. >> this patrol officer is cruising down international boulevard looking for the weekend fast approaching the goal to keep an eye out for trouble before it starts. stopping crime can begin with a traffic stop. >> drive by shootings happen in vehicles and have to get to and from the loks you can find someone with the proof of the crime in the vehicle, say someone just committing a robbery. >> as a matter of fact last night we had 11 arrests. and drug violations. >> chp and police won't reveal how much will be dough ployed but gives law enforcement higher visibility. >> many shootings and homicides those guns have to be transported to and from scenes of krichls we find individuals or groups do so by vehicles.. >> jose vega's children attend woodland element story. and everyone enjoyed seeing the h
been charging sales tax on internet purchases sold to those who live in california that. is when our stubp' law went into affect requiring them to start charging sales tax. >> if a retailer doesn't pay tax, then they have advantage over guys trying to make a living in the state of california. >> not all merchants are collecting the tax on the smaller companies saying federal law exerp yefrts them. citizens required to pay at the time of purchase or to keep track of how much money spent online, then pay a use tax on state income tax form. it's highly unlikely to do that if you buy a big screen tv they're going to be looking out for you. >> thank you. >> sure. >> we're expecting some major changes in weather. >> yes. >> sandhya patel is here to tell whaus is in store. >> we're looking at strong winds, heavy rain. this is a live look out towards the bay we do have high clouds moving through. we have fog west. it will be dense again. there is a beautiful view of the moon over lake tahoe. snow levels 7500 to 8,000 feet. so if you're heading to tahoe tomorrow, partly cloudy skies with gus
traps about three hours out from the california coastline. fishermen expect a decent catch but not as bountiful as last year. >> crab looking well. size is about 42 pounds so we're looking forward to a good season the merchants will be paying $3 a pound for crab. >> there is a desperate plea from a peninsula family after a pup qee was stolen. they're offering a reward for the safe return. this puppy has a special place with one of their daughters. >> right this, goes beyond an ordinary rez den yil burglary. this it appears thieves crossed the line. thieves broke into the home monday by going to the back gate. this is a photo of the ransacked bedroom. gus, a pointer mix is gone. >> who would take an 11 week old puppy from a family. why? why would they do? >> the tears and frustration go beyond obvious. the thieves had no wi of knowing the puppy is bonding with the family's 20-year-old special needs daughter, kate. >> she loved gus. and was saying his name, which is a big deal for her, she can't speak well. she'd call him gus gus. >> police are now investigating the crime. >>
with a bottle by the comedian. >> california senate leader says the now democratic controlled legislature could use power to put prop 8, the ban on same-sex marriage on a few tour state ballot but says it will depend on what the u.s. supreme court may or may not do with prop 8. the highest court considering whether to hear an appeal by groups which defines marriage between a man and woman. the ninth circuit court found the law unconstitutional. >> would we use our new authority and soup -- super majority? i said, i stay, i of course would be open to that. because... by any means possible we have to achieve maernl equality. >> the high court expected to announce whether it will take the case. >> the shirtless photo that raised questions involving cia and army is out this, is connected to the affair admitted by david petraeus. i want to show you the photo that landed him in hot water. he e mailed this picture with a subject line which one is fred. the e mail became public today. another one of those recipients was jill kelly. right? she turned to him when getting threatening e mails over the summ
area where breast cancer rates are higher than the state average. researcher was california breast cancer mapping project identified other bay area counties today. abc 7 news is here with the story on this. >> the state of california wanted a more detailed geographic view of the problem. the group public health institutes given a chant to identify the breast cancer clusters. what they found is creating a lot more questions about risk factors. >> researchers tried to figure out why marin county has high rates of breast cancer. >> alcohol is associated with an increased risk. clearly taking hormone replacement therapy. >> being white, having children late or not at all, are also rigs being factors and many women don't fall into the categories yet, three cities are now said to have different rates than the average. researchers also found parts of contra costa, napa, solano, santa clara and san mateo counties had 10% to 20% higher rates. project relied on data from california cancer registry, looking at cases from 2000, to 2008. she was involved in the project. barlow says it could lea
, quote, the facts are according to the web site of the california state bar. jane brunner was not eligible to practice law between july 31, 18995, and january 23, 1997. in other words, she has been suspended from practicing law by the california state bar. >> it's never too early to pay tribute to those who served their country. up next, the bay area city that came out to honor those who serve. >> and there's some ups and downs in leigh's forecast. a look at that and when our warmer weather ♪ [ male announcer ] start with an all new award winning car. good. now find the most hard core driver in america. that guy, put him in it. what's this? [ male announcer ] tell him he's about to find out. you're about to find out. [ male announcer ] test it. highlight the european chassis, 6 speed manual, dual exhaust, wide stance, clean lines, have him floor it, spin it, punch it, drift it, put it through its paces, is he happy? oh ya, he's happy! [ male announcer ] and that's how you test your car for fun. easy. as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to
and republican leaders in california say rez obama needs to seize on this opportunity. >> listen to individual members on both sides. develop the relationships that are necessary when you have big, difficult problems.. >> republicans need to lack for places where they can work with the president that would be government reform. they need to make a better case on the tax policies. >> today john boehner stressed election was not a mandate for raising taxs.. >> and stocks sank on wall street. dow saw the worst day of the year. the nasdaq and dow drop considerably. others a they expect that had drop off if barack obama won. the president and congress cannot agree on an expiring $800 billion plan. >> workers strike against railly supermarket led to an arrest. tonight union employees gathering to show solidarity. alan wong is live at the railly's tonight with the story. >> there are communications director arrested here at the knob hill store. i'm told there is a dispute over a paycheck so a company spokesperson for the store chain says he was arrested for assaulting a railly's employee. this sunday
in california and nationally. most in demand are technology and health care. the report warns bay area could fall back into a recession if congress cannot agree on a spending plan by year's end. that is the subject of president barack obama's news conference saying he was willing to corps compromise but buzz says will not sign a budget that included only spending cuts. with the bitter election over, both sides seem ready, however to, find common ground. >> not wedded to every detail of my plan. i'm open to compromise. i'm open to new ideas. >> i don't want to box myself in or anyone else in. i think that it's important to come to an agreement with the president. this is his opportunity to lead. >> president ob yumma scheduled to begin negotiations on a federal budget deal. the talk of taf f taxes was a bitter pill forg]!mp investors o swallow. stocks dove then recovered to finish flat today. dow jones gained four points. stock market lost 2% of the value this week. >> right now, in san jose, people still signing up for free holiday food from sake kret kred hard community service
mother of two, this message was drawn in chalk on her driveway. >> ama: california senator dianne feinstein, the head of the senate intelligence committee, says she was unaware of the news about the scandal involving petraeus until he announced his resignation it today she said she learned about the matter from the media last week. >> i had not been told there was an affair. what i'd been told is that there was somebody else that he was -- he knew and was close to, and that mrs. broadwell sent these threatening e-mails to her, and she was frightened, and she went to the fbi. >> ama: feinstein says she has now been briefed by the fbi but want knows why the bureau didn't notify her sooner because of national security implications. >>> police are still looking for man they say tried to run down an officer with a car this afternoon. officers had suspected the man of breaking into cars in the bay view district. after apparently trying to one he officer down, he got out of the car and it appears he ran into a construction site at third street. police brought in a dog to look for him and
,800 people hired in october. most have been hired for seasonal jobs. california jobless rate fallen since october 2011. the state adding 295,000 nonform jobs. news sent wall street to its best finish since election day. the dow finished and fell for the fourth week in a row. the nasdaq climbed 16 points. the s and p 500 enjoyed a gain in light trading. >> san francisco 49ers head coach is back, coaching his team tonight and talking about it's help. abc 7 news is live at 49ers headquarters tonight. a lot of relief for fans and players. >> the coach says he felt his heartbeating and he did what his doctors told him to do. anyone who knows the 49ers coach knows being side lined for a day gave him more anxiety than reason for the time out. >> this is something i've had fr a while. probably close to all of my life. >> the koch of the year was at stanford hospital to normalize the heart rate. hours later he had doctorzi3v permission to smeek back. >> the guy is unbelievable. i'm like what are you doing? just, coming to check it out. >> this is like five minutes ago. unbelievable. a lot of resp
to southern california are now in custody.7 a criminal complaint accuse them of pran planning to leave the u.s. for training with the taliban. this is video. the men were intending to carry out a violent jihad. accused ring leader was taken into custody in afghanistan. >> a one day strike is ending this is a live look at the port as we speak. there are ships waiting to be unloaded. strike supposed to end at 9:00 tonight. the mayor's office says officials and representatives for custody stod yil workers agreed to get back to the bargaining table. terminals may be reopened as early as 7:00 tonight. again, they're expected to get back to the table immediately. last minute efforts to save hostess appear to have failed. "wall street journal" mean talks broke down, meaning the twinkies maker will continue for a full liquidation. 18,000 workers will, therefore, lose jobs. the company decided to shut down after talks failed. >> a rare death sentence handed down today in the bay area but a jury saying death is quote too good for a double murderer. nathan burress practically bragged about the killing
california. police in paramount arrested nine pro testors blocking traffic on a street belonging to a group that started demonstrate agent 5:00 this morning against low wages and working conditions at the store. a spokesperson says demonstrators had little impact on business reporting record sales on thanksgiving night. >> hundreds of people lined up outside of the stores in the bay area helping to get a crack at black friday deals. the crew from the best buy in pinole opened doors. big attractions were a toshiba television. police were near fwoi make sure shoppers stayed safe. another crowd of shoppers rushed into a pinole k mart store. regarding that k mart store, people walked in with a black friday ad in hand. abc 7 news experienced black friday hustle and bustle today. >> hustle indeed it was for the first time ever, doors opened at this mall at midnight. hundreds lined up outside, waiting to get in. and since then, thousands have streamed through these+x doors to take advantage of the deals today. it's a tradition many look forward to as soon as dinner is digested. >> we do this every
. they have a street value of more than $25,000. >>> the fate of same-sex marriage in california could be decided at a closed-door session at the supreme court tomorrow. the justices will debate to let stand a ruling declaring proposition 8, the ban on gay marriage, unconstitutional. if it lets it stand, same-sex marriage would be legalize within days. dean johnson says it will not set a national precedent. >> only issue that is really in front of the court is whether or not california's proposition 8 violates equal protection. the issue of same-sex marriage in the broader sense is really not addressed by the prop 8 case. >> it could come tomorrow afternoon with a zbligs they are shutting down an oyster farm. ken salazar announced the closure of drake's bay oyster company. salazar concluded the oyster company should return it to wilderness. senator dianne feinstein says it was the key part of the area's economy. >> dan: coming up, how online gamers can turn their digital play for toys tos. >> around new water planted, a proposal that might not sit well with santa clara county residents
named california teachers of the year. she doesn't just teach kids but work was beginning teach dwrorz get credentialed and improve their writing ski >>> coming up violent aftermath of the world series and a tragic toll etc. taken and a reveler facing a $1 million vandalism charge and investigating why some senior homes requiring residents to give notice before they die or it will cost them z a pafoff facebook is making to neighbors on the peninsula. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> stay tuned for that. >> world news is coming up nextíl, i'm cheryl jennings. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. see you at 6:00.
awareness for people who might drowsiness can reduce reaction times, statistics show in california, 32 people were killed and more than 2000 injured in drowsy driving accidents in 2010. >> more delays in store for the devil's slide bypass tunnel. the project was supposed to be finished in 2010, caltrans estimated late 2012 opening will be sometime in the first quarter of next year. officials say the contractor needs more time for inspections. >> an update on the story made possible thanks to a viewer tip to abc 7 news. a missing historic cross is now back home in the mojave desert where it belongs. the cross put up in 1934, sun rise2dñ rocky+ in san bernardio county. two years ago waits stolen over a long court battle. thanks to a tip a crew found it last week. now, on this veteran -- veteran's day, it's back where it was. >> we'll be back with the breaking news story closure of highway 4 >>> sky 7 on the way to the scene of a crash on westbound highway 4. the car ended up under a sem yoi. no word on any injuries. all lanes closed near g street and antioch. >> and the clean up looks
. >> coming up the reason behind today's partial closure of a popular local b >>> california highway patrol vehicle ended up on the right rail tracks following a hit-and-run. the officer wasn't injured but the front of the patrol car was damaged. it happened on north first street and brokaw road. driver ran away but officers caught up with him and arrested him. >> research medication that helps control hyperactivity activity may keep patients on the right side of law. they studied 25,000 people with the problem and compared records men were 32% less likely to commit a crime. women were 43% less likely when taking the medication. >> part of san francisco's ocean beach is still closed after the sewage spill. barricades were up. pedestrians can still walk along the promenade. it was likely caused by the high tide that caused sewage spill in the street through a manhole cover. the water is gone but the smell is still there. >> did you happen to watch a charlie brown thanksgiving last night? if you did, you were part of the biggest audience in four years. it's not the most popular of the charlie
is job one. >> the california emergency management agency reminds us this weather provides a good reason to make sure that we are ready for rainy season or a natural hazard. we're encouraged to have our kits stocked with items including radios and flashlights and of course, batteries. a three day supply of food and water for everybody in the family. and a can opener, prepare guidelines for stocking your kit ask developing a plan for your family for you on abc 7 >> more weather coverage coming up. happening now, police have surrounded the home of a man suspected of shooting and killing an animal control officer. the officer went to a home in the town this morning to pick up pets from a man when had been evicted and said he had no place to kep keep the animals. as the officer approached a shotgun blast tore through the door, right into his chest. the gunman believed to be the evicted man. the house supposed to be empty at the time. >> for the second time in two days a san jose school employee being credited with saving lives in a burning vehicle. abc 7 news joins us with the stor
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